We might not be able to travel right now, but we can dream, right? Travelling to faraway places is currently an indulgence reserved only for our minds, with our wanderlust explorations confined only to our memories and photographs. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? Mine would be The Bahamas, with memories of translucent water, never-ending sun and the Bahamian dream.


The Bahamas is located north of Cuba and east of the Florida Keys, nestled in the Atlantic Ocean. Around 700 cays, islands and islets make up The Bahamas, however only 30 are inhabited. With a tropical climate that sits around 30 degrees celsius or 86 Fahrenheit, it’s the perfect island dream for a summer getaway. Getting there from Australia is no easy feat – it took us around 34 hours flying time, a few stops and an overnight stay at the capital of Nassau before flying to The Exumas. But the travel time is without a doubt entirely worth it. We stayed at a hidden gem called Paradise Bay in Rokers Point, who offer beachside cabins on an almost deserted beach – it’s pure heaven.

The best way to get around The Bahamas is by car which can easily be hired when on the island – we hired one directly from the hotel. A car isn’t absolutely necessary as many of the tours will pick you up directly from the hotel, but it is a great way to explore on your own.

If you don’t do anything else whilst on the island, you absolutely must do the Swimming Pigs tour. We did ours via a company called the 4 C’s Adventures, which offered everything we needed in a small group tour. It’s a full day tour that includes a local lunch, plus time on the infamous Swimming Pigs island, as well as an island full of iguanas and star fish snorkelling. It’s a once in a lifetime, unforgettable adventure.

Anyway, enough talking, a picture can tell a thousand words…


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