Just when you thought the world of fitness couldn’t get any weirder (you’ve all seen Doga – Dog Yoga – right?), Lake Michigan descends a group of faux Mermaids for the new fitness craze called Mermaid Fitness. Embracing their inner mermaids, people are working on their power, strength, beauty and grace to participate in this fairytale fun that combines Yoga and Pilates in the water.

If you’re tired of the treadmill and looking to shake up your exercise regime,, the leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, is presenting alternative workouts around the world to mix up your fitness routine. So get ready to ditch the membership fees and break out of your comfort zone with these weird and whacky fitness trends. And yes, Doga is one of them.

Mermaid Fitness – Lake Michigan, USA

Swap your feet for fins and dive in to this alternative workout in the Mermaid Fitness swimming pool located in Lake Michigan. Promising to give participants the workout of their dreams, Mermaid Fitness has people diving right into their fairytale.

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Where to Stay: Dry off in one of Cedar Ridge Cabins, located near some of the most popular sites in the area such as the stunning Crystal Lake. These cozy cabins offer a home away from home, comfy beds along with tea and coffee making facilities and not to mention a patio and fire pit to warm up by after your mermaid adventure.

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Laughter Therapy – Mumbai, India

Invented back in the mid-nineties by Doctor Madan Kataria, this unconventional wellness workout has now amassed thousands of devotees all around the world. The once laughed at practice sees participants do exactly as the name describes – laugh. Whilst they might do it during a dawn laughter yoga session in Mumbai, the fundamentals are based on the theory that laughter unlocks both spiritual and medical benefits. One of the many laughter yoga clubs in Mumbai is the Chowpatty Beach Laughter Club, which meets every morning at 7am at the eastern end of Chowpatty Beach in South Mumbai.

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Where to stay: Taj Lands End is a short drive from Chowpatty Beach and boasts a fully equipped health club where guests can enjoy massages and Ayurveda treatments at Jiva Spa. Take a dip in the pool, relax in the sauna rooms or take part in a yoga session. After rejuvenating your mind and body, treat your appetite to traditional Indian cuisine at Masala Bay or authentic Chinese specialties at Ming Yang.

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Morning Raves – Paris, France

For some, a morning rave is the thing that happens when you’ve stayed out too late on a night out. Not for these fitness fanatics though. Morning Raves are designed to capture all the fun of a late-night party but with all the health benefits of a workout. Sip on coconut water instead of cocktails and dance the way through your morning to all your favorite tunes. With a superfood smoothie bar, a wake-up massage station and a motivating dance team, this is the most fun you can have before 9am. Make your workout an event worth getting up for and spend the rest of the day full of positive energy before hitting all the sites of Paris.

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Where to stay: Terrace Hotel Montmartre is located in the heart of the Montmartre district, just a 15 minute walk from the Sacré-Coeur Basilica where you can watch the sun set over the entire city. Some rooms offer views of the Eiffel Tower, so waking up to the sun rise against that backdrop is the perfect way to start your day (right before your Morning Rave that is)!

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Dog Yoga – Auckland, New Zealand

We have all seen those dogs that just want to join in on human fun, and this trend is just for them. Forget yoga, why not embrace Doga? Hailing from the place that also has dog markets, dog sushi, and dog fashion shows – it’s no surprise that dog yoga also originated here. Practicing yoga with your beloved pooch will not only soothe your mind, body and soul but your furry friends too. Doga is a wonderful yoga practice in which you and your dog perform traditional Hatha yoga postures. Use your pup for added weight and make the most of this one on one bonding time.

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Where to stay: Feel at home in the spacious Princes Wharf apartment, featuring two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and balcony. Plus, this luxurious home away from home stay is also pet friendly, perfect for you and your pampered pooch.

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