Well you don’t have to be a princess to demand staying in a castle because let’s face it, who wouldn’t choose a castle over a hotel? If your next holiday requires accommodation fit for royalty, then it might be time to visit Scotland. Dotted around the countryside are impressive architectural feats, each boasting a mix of deep history, mountain views, spas and fine dining. We’ve rounded up some of the best Scottish castles, each fit for a princess (or you, should you find yourself demanding such luxuries).


This 12th Century Castle located in Dingwall proudly overlooks the Highlands of Scotland, sitting majestically as protector of the town. Tulloch Castle has served as a family home for many years, yet is currently used as a hotel and conference centre. The castle is said to be haunted by a ‘Green Lady’ and other ghosts, where one of the legends tells of a child who was surprised by seeing her father with another woman and fled the room so fast that she fell down a flight of stairs, killing herself in the process. Perhaps substantiating these super natural reports, is the fact that on May 28th 2008, a boy named Connor Bond took a photo that shows a hand holding on to the stair railing with an apparition floating behind it. Spooky or not, Tulloch Castle continues to provide accommodation to travellers around the globe, each looking for a unique kind of accommodation fit for a king.

*Tulloch Castle images via Visit Scotland, Haunted Hovel and Easy Breaks. 


Situated in a secluded area south of the village of Portsoy, Castle of the Park still functions as a family home however guests can hire 6 of the 11 bedrooms (5 bedrooms are used by the Campbell Wilson family who own the castle and are responsible for its 2007 restoration). Originally built in 1536, Castle of Park is often used as a wedding destination, thanks to it’s unique bedroom offering and lush surroundings. The closet city to Castle of the Park is Aberdeen which is approximately 1 hour and 15 mins away, making it the perfect getaway where you really are switched off from the outside world.

*Castle of the Park images via White Rose, Jill Tate and Landmark Trust.


Ackergill Castle is located north of Wick, Caithness, in northern Scotland. Built in the early 16th century, it is currently operated as an events and wedding venue bringing people from all over the world. Originally inherited by the Clan Keiith, under John Keith in 1354 from the Cheynes family, Ackergill Castle is thought to have been built by John Keith’s son. Steeped in history, there is a legend that tells a tale of a young women called Helen Gunn who was supposedly abducted by John Keith for her beauty. Legend has it that she fell or threw herself from the highest tower to escape her abductor’s advances and now her ghost is still seen. These days this medieval wonder is a luxurious getaway offering suites in the castle and a range of cottages on the 1200 hectare property.

*Ackergill Castle images via We are Gim, North Coast 500 and Tripadvisor.


Don’t let the exterior fool you, Stobo Castle is anything but a stuffy old concrete guest house. In fact, Stobo Castle currently acts a luxury spa break in Scotland, located in the Scottish Borders, in the former county of Peeblesshire. Easily accessible from Edinburgh, Stobo Castle is Scotland’s only destination spa. Built in 1805, guests can sleep and eat in an historic crenelated castle, whilst out the back lays a luxurious, eco-friendly spa.

*Stobo Castle images via Country and Townhouse, Geograph, Tripadvisor. 


An award winning country house located in the heart of the Highlands, Kincraig Castle is a 4 star property offering the perfect retreat. Situated 25 mins from Inverness down a tree lined driveway, this castle sits majestically on 10 acres of Highland countryside. The exterior of Kincraig Castle has remained mostly unchanged since its construction in the early 1800s however the interior has been refurbished to bring it back to its original glory. With stunning views over the gardens and farmland beyond, Kincraig Castle is one of Scotlands hidden gems.

*Kincraig Castle images via Hotelopia,, Celtic Castles. 


When Queen Victoria in 1873 said she ‘never saw a lovelier or more romantic spot’ she certainly didn’t exaggerate. Surrounded by highland peaks and the sparkling nearby loch, Inverlochy Castle is a beautiful 19th century castle acting as one of Scotland’s finest country hotels. There are actually 2 Inverlochy Castle’s in Scotland – one is a ruined 13th century castle near Inverlochy and Fort William, and the other is this gem named after the original which is located 2 miles away. This modern baronial mansion has been voted the number 17 ‘best hotel in Europe’ by Travel + Leisure magazine in 2001.

Inverlochy Castle images via and The Telegraph.

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