We all know actions speak louder than words and it seems the folks over at Travelodge Hotel Sydney Airport have taken this very literally when they revealed Australia’s first Silent Check-Out. If you’re not sure what a silent check out is (don’t worry, we didn’t know either), then imagine this… Upon checking into the hotel, staff provide you with a special scented alarm clock that promises “a perfumed, enlightened and melodious wake-up” to the delicious smell of bacon-y goodness (or brewing coffee, if that’s more your vibe). Then as you awake and begin the process of starting your day, you can present yourself at hotel reception and refer to a ‘Silent Check-Out’ poster to indicate your needs: ‘I need coffee’, ‘I need to settle my bill’, or ‘I missed my flight, can I stay another night?’ Perfect for those who aren’t keen on uttering a word before their caffeine hit, Travelodge Hotel Sydney Airport might have just created the perfect morning ritual. The only thing left is for you to decide whether it will be bacon or coffee?? Travelodge Hotel Sydney Airport’s Silent Check-Out launches later this month, so get ready to wake up and smell the bacon.


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