The word camping can instantly instil feelings of fear and anxiety amongst women (and men) all over the globe. Sleeping on air beds, getting eaten alive by mosquitos and communal toilets are all part and parcel when it comes to getting to know the great outdoors, however there is a modern day alternative – glamping. Considered to be the perfect compromise to camping, glamping is short for ‘glamourous camping’. It involves a lot more amenities and a lot less work, the luxury version of camping for the new generation. Forget running a mile to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or even bothering to pitch a tent, glamping is taking your traditional camping experience to a whole new level.

Reaching these glamourous heights is St Jeromes – The Hotel, a boutique luxury camping site in Melbourne’s CBD. Set on the rooftop of one of Melbourne’s biggest shopping centres, the site is home to 21 spacious canvas bell tents, each mimicking a luxury hotel, complete with all the trimmings. Think queen beds, premium linen, heating and cooling, plus an esky loaded with beer and cider. At St Jeromes – The Hotel you can find 24-hour reception, a general store and nine amenity units with toilets and showers. They offer three accommodation types (aka tent sizes), ranging from the Luxe 4m x 4m size, the Luxe Plus 5m x 5m, or the recently unveiled 6m x 6m ‘Lodge’. Guests can enjoy the full luxe experience including sweets and tea on arrival, a cocktail at Cocktail Hour, T2 sleep time tea delivery, or even guided morning meditation.

Go to bed under the stars and wake up to 360-degree views of the entire city. Maybe the next time you hear the word camping, you might be ready to pack your bags (the luxe kind of course).

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