The winning entries in the annual iPhone Photography Awards have officially been announced and they’re nothing short of spectacular. A quick look at the winners and it’s easy to understand why they took out the prized spots and were awarded in their category. Each year the iPhone Photography Awards attracts an influx of entries from all over the world, with submissions of pics taken on an iPhone or iPad. The overall winner this year is a chilling photo of children playing on the streets of Qayyarah with the backdrop of oil wells set aflame by Isis.

Iphone 1*Winning the grand prize of photographer of the year is Sebastiano Tomada of New York with this pic of children in Iraq playing near fire and smoke as it billows from oil wells set ablaze by Islamic State militants.

iphone 2*Barry Mayes of the UK took out third place in the children category with this cheeky pic.

Iphone 3*Third place in the travel category is this pic of the Taj Mahal shot by Li Jinquan from Beijing.

iphone 12*Winner of first place in the Animals category is Francesca Tonegutti, of Milan, Italy with this beautiful black and white picture of a horse.

iPhone 4*Taking out third place in the Sunset Category is this pic by Joseph Cyr from Tucson, Arizona. 

iphone 5*Winning top place in the America I Know category is this pic of Standing Rock shot by Juan Carlos Castañeda of New York.

iphone 10*Taking third place, Photographer of the Year is this image by Kuanglong Zhang, of Shenzhen, China, taken on his travels to Udaipur in India. 

iPhone 6*Winner of the lifestyle category is Nick Trombola of Wexford, Pennsylvania with this shot.

iphone 11*Winner of first place in the Nature category is Aarond Sandberg, of Schaumburg IL, United States.

iPhone 7*First place in the News/Events category is this picture by Samuel Nacar of Albacete, Spain, showing the eviction of the biggest migrant camp in Europe.

iPhone 8*Taking second place in the travel category is Joshua Sarinana from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

iphone 9*Taking first place in the Photographer of the Year category is this shot of a dock worker in Jakarta by Brendan Ó Sé, from Cork, Ireland.

iphone 13*Winner of first place in the People category is Dina Alfasi, of Israel.

iPhone 14*Winner of first place in the Travel category is Jen Pollack Bianco, of Seattle WA, United States.

Iphone 15*Taking out first place in the Portrait category is Gabriel Ribeiro, of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

iphone 16*Winner of first place in the Sunset category is Kuanglong Zhang, of Guangdong, China.

Iphone 17*Taking out first place in the Abstract category is Christopher Armstrong, of Sydney, Australia.


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