Pantones are a standardised colour matching system used in a variety of industries to create the correct pigment of colour. Whether it’s providing the perfect palette in art classes, or the right shade of paint at your local hardware store, Pantones are the source of inspiration used worldwide for colour matching.

Pantones have been particularly useful for matching the shades of everyday items, yet a graphic designer from Italy has just taken Pantones to the next level with his Instagram account @stailuan. By matching up the Pantone colours to the palette he has captured on film, @stailuan takes us on a journey through the rainbow with his Pantone landscapes. Whether it’s the golden colours of a sunset in Marina Julia or the brown hues of Venice buildings, this graphic designer matches the Pantone colour IRL* IN REAL LIFE.

Pantone 1Pantone 2Pantone 4Pantone 5Pantone 6Pantone 7Pantone 8Pantone 12Pantone 14Pantone 15Pantone 11Pantone 13Pantone 10Pantone 16Pantone 17*All images via @stailuan

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