Picture this, you’re sailing into Staniel Cay in the Bahamas, overly excited because it’s your birthday and you’re finally visiting your bucket list destination – The Swimming Pigs. You jump into the water and start eagerly taking photos with your underwater camera, only to realise it’s failing, producing blurry pic after blurry pic. There’s no way you’re leaving this place without photographic evidence. So what do you do? Take your phone in the water of course, holding it above sea level, clinging on in the hopes that you don’t drop it. Well that’s exactly what I did and whilst I managed to get the pics and my phone survived, I wish I had a better back up option that day.

There are some travelling mishaps that can easily be avoided and then there are some that need an ingenious little device, like a waterproof phone case to get you through. I certainly could have used a travel accessory like that when I was swimming with the pigs but I didn’t even know it existed! To save you the same type of trouble, we’ve done the research and found the best travel accessories that you need for your next holiday. From waterproof phone cases to portable batteries, these little beauties will make your life easier when travelling (and ensure you have the photographic evidence to prove that you were there).


Seaquatix is one of those ingenious little devices that I was talking about, one that would certainly have come in handy on my holiday in the Bahamas. It’s a case for your phone and valuables that is 100% waterproof (and 100% genius). From beach days to snow adventures, Seaquatix allows you to use your phone as normal, above and below the water, taking crystal clear photos. It’s one of those must-not-leave-home-without accessories that is also sand, dust and snow resistant. It’s available at General Pants and online at and for just $54.95, it’s a travel no-brainer.


Travel just isn’t travel without uploading a pic taken at the airport showing your flight tickets sticking out of the top of your passport holder. A passport holder seemingly serves little purpose, but I believe it actually makes you more organised (and if it’s from The Daily Edited, definitely more chic). Not only are these leather passport holders the perfect place to keep all your important documents, they also come with custom monogramming for your initials or name, making it the perfect bon voyage gift. Purchase yours for $69.95 by visiting



Just thinking about the words ‘universal adapter’ is enough to bring back travel nightmares, days spent trawling shops in third world countries hoping that they sell something that resembles an adapter. Nowadays my universal adapter doesn’t leave my suitcase unless I’m at my destination (and it never gets unpacked when I get home). It’s one of those devices that you pretty much ALWAYS need when travelling, so best not to leave home without it. Connecting you to a power source in more than 220 countries is the SKROSS EVO World Travel Power Adapter. Not only is it an adapter, it also doubles as a USB port, allowing you to charge your devices too (genius)!TA SKROSS 1LEICA SOFORT

We all know a picture tells a thousand words and what better way to capture it all then on a polaroid camera? It’s not just any old polaroid camera, it’s a Leica, or a Leica Sofort to be precise. In the days where digital seems to be the buzz word on everyone’s lips, it’s nice to know there’s still some retro-inspired devices that can give us a bit of a break from technology. Capturing polaroid shots that are printed and ready in an instant, Leica is known for it’s high end and sometimes expensive cameras, but this beauty will only set you back for $399. For more info on the Leica Sofort and their other great cameras, visit LEICA 1MOTO Z & MODS

I’m not tech savvy enough to get into the case of arguing which phone on the market is the best, but let me just say this. The Moto Z phone boasts being the thinnest smartphone ever, taking pics at high resolution 13MP, f 1.8 camera with optical image and laser autofocus (plus it has the longest lasting smartphone battery ever). But what’s perhaps more impressive than the phone itself, is the Moto Mods accessories, instantly transforming your phone into an entirely new device. These magnetic attachments can turn your phone into a 70-inch movie projector or into a camera that rivals some of the best on the market. As if offering the longest lasting battery wasn’t enough, a Mods battery attachment will give you up to an extra 20 hours of life on your phone. So with my limited knowledge of technology I’m not explicitly saying the Moto Z is the best phone on the market, but I am saying that I can’t think of a better one. Phone prices start at $699, with accessories starting from $29. For more information on these ingenious devices visit

TA Moto Z and Mods Group Image


This one should be self explanatory but for less seasoned travellers and people like me, I’ll explain it in more detail. There are so many different suitcase options and whilst I won’t tell you that I know best, I will tell you that your suitcase needs to perform two functions. It as to be any other colour other than black and it has to be lightweight. Pretty self explanatory right?! Well it wasn’t for me the first few times I travelled so I’ll kindly share this advice. The reason you need your suitcase to be any other colour than black is because after a 30-hour journey with little sleep, trying to find your luggage on the carousel can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If you have to have black, then you really do need to tie a coloured ribbon on it or a distinctive key tag. The reason you want your luggage to be lightweight is because you want all of your weight to come from your shopping (and maybe the extra pounds you’ve gained) not from your bag. My favourite suitcases have always been from Antler, they last for years and seem to weather any wayward baggage handler storm. I’m currently carrying the Antler Aire in Charcoal which I love because the wheels rotate in all directions and it is super light (plus it’s not black)! For more information visit ANTLERRRRNOMAD KEY

Every now and then someone creates a device that you didn’t know you needed until you seen it. This my friends, is one of those devices. The Nomad Key is a portable iPhone charging cable that you can keep on your key-chain and means you always have a back-up Lightning cable. Designed for the minimalist traveler, the Nomad Key is literally a travel life saver (that is of course if your phone is your life). Available for $24.95 at


Some could argue that carrying around a silk pillow when you travel is more a nice-to-have item and not a necessity, but I’ll argue differently. Silk pillowcases have been proven to be better for your skin whilst you sleep and given that travel already wreaks enough havoc, it’s the perfect anti-aging travel accessory. If it’s good enough for Kim Kardashian, then it’s good enough for us. Shhh Silk Pillowcases can be found online at, with prices starting at $79.TA SHHH SILK 1SCRATCH TRAVEL JOURNAL

A travel companion that can be with you every step of the way, Scratch Travel Journal includes travel tips, advice and checklists, along with 8 mini continent specific Scratch Maps. For those that aren’t familiar with Scratch Maps, they’re maps that allow you remove the silver foil to reveal the finer details of a destination as you visit it. It’s a great way to keep track of your travels, marking out each destination as you go. These mini maps come with the Scratch Travel Journal – a 64 paged book that’s ready for all of your travel tales. Available online at


It might sound a little excessive however when I travel I prefer to pack 2 types of headphones (let me explain)… Ideally you want one great pair of noise cancelling headphones and one standard pair of headphones (even just the ones that come with your phone). The former is a life saver for sleepless flights and jetlag and the latter is what you need when it’s important to be aware. If you’re excising early morning or late at night, it’s more comforting knowing that you can still hear a bit of noise. Some of the best noise cancelling headphones can be found at JB HIFI.



Travelling sometimes means swapping luxury items for straw hats, but for those that like to hang onto a little piece of indulgence, Tiffany & Co’s luggage tags are the perfect answer. Available in a range of colours and styles, we love the sterling silver and leather version that can be engraved with your name or contact details. Available at TIFFANYKINDLE

Ok, let me get this straight. I LOVE books. I love the feel of them, I love holding them in my hands and I love the way they look sitting on a bookshelf. I don’t think I’ll ever give up books but one thing I have given up is carry tonnes of books when I’m travelling and not having room for anything else. Enter, my little old friend Kindle, the perfect travel accessory. If you intend to read more than one book on your holiday, then you need this device. Storing thousands of novels at your fingertips, the Kindle is lightweight, easily stored and available at



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