Sometimes in life you meet people who, through no fault of their own, make you feel a little inadequate. Kristie Murray of you.theworld.wandering. is one of those people. She’s the type of girl you’re instantly drawn to, and whilst you can’t quite pinpoint it on just the one thing, a few minutes into talking to Kristie you realise she is the ultimate package. Beautiful, smart, funny and the editor of an amazing travel blog, she’s travelled to over 30 countries and is now based between The Maldives and Australia. We sit down with Kristie to talk all things travel and what it’s like to fall in love with life.

I first started travel when… I turned 18. I took a surf trip to Bali with my then flat mate and instantly fell in love with the place. I ended up making it an annual trip for the next 5 years to escape the Aussie winter, between university semesters. At that stage I wasn’t really sure whether it was the people, the places, the culture or the freedom that felt so liberating.

My favourite travel memory is…. I can’t say I have just one! But my absolute favourite things I would love to do all over again in a heart beat would be to spend a week sailing and partying night after night through the beautiful Croatian islands, watch the English football team play a World Cup friendly at Wembly Stadium in London, take the incredible train ride through the snowy Swiss Alps and spend a day at Switzerland’s highest mountain the Matterhorn, Oktoberfest in Germany, fly to London in prestige class and of course indulge in a luxury overwater suite at a resort in the Maldives! They’re all up there!

My biggest fear is….. Funnily enough it’s actually time. The thing that scares me the most in life is wasting time not doing something that I’m passionate about and I worry I won’t get the opportunity to do all of the things I hope to!

I sometimes find myself daydreaming about NYC  with anyone!! – NYC pops it my mind all the time – nearly every day! I spent two weeks there back in 2014 and I absolutely loved it. I was initially unsure if I would actually like it but it’s a place where there really is something for everyone.

If I was stuck on an island the three things I’d take with me are…. My camera, my surfboard and bikinis! Hopefully there’d be a never ending supply of coconuts – which did you know also can offer a form of sun protection and are great for the body inside and out.

My advice for anyone wanting to work in travel is… Go for it. There’s big world of travel out there with so many different opportunities. If you’re truly passionate about travel, you will make it work. I always think if an idea doesn’t scare you then it’s not challenging enough. I like to think of the worst thing that can possibly happen – eg fail, find a new job, people not liking what you write etc… you just have to realise it’s really not all that scary. Instead use it to drive your motivation to succeed in the travel industry!

And the other thing that important is learning… challenging yourself to learn new skills. I’ve learnt so much since becoming a blogger – all sorts of skills that I never ever would have guessed I’d learn. I used to hate technology a few years back – and I’m still on my first iphone shhh!

My travel motto is…. FALL IN LOVE WITH LIFE – my life motto and the foundation for my blog you.theworld.wandering. It’s about saying yes to anything and everything and putting yourself out of your comfort zone in unfamiliar places – that’s when the magic really happens. As soon as you open yourself up to life, challenge yourself, believe in yourself and start living life your way, you will really fall in love with life!


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