If you’re looking at these pictures wondering whether you need to get your eyes checked, look again. Although you might feel a little disorientated, what you’re seeing is real. We take you on a global tour of some of the world’s most curious topsy turvy houses – All fabulous, all unique and all slightly backward.

St. John’s Row Houses, Newfoundland, Canada


It might take you a second look to realise that these Victorian houses in St John’s Newfoundland aren’t what they seem. All lined in a row, these brightly coloured constructions are actually on a slant and almost tipsy, as if ready to topple over from one too many drinks.

Jeon Yong-sun’s Upside Down House, Korea


Designed and built by former clothing designer Jeon Yong-sun, this upside down house in Korea is an attraction for many tourists ready to flip their lid at this site. The house is available for visitors wanting to spend the night, but rest assured – the interior is right-side-up and normal.

Dennis Oppenheim’s Upside Down Church, Canada


At first glance you might be wondering if the laws of physics have been defied on this upside down church in Canada. Designed by American sculptor Dennis Oppenheim, this visually impressive structure is said to be one of the most recognisable sculptures in the world today.

Tipsy Houses, San Francisco, USA


San Francisco is notorious for its steep hills so it’s little wonder that it also has a reputation for being the place with ‘drunk houses’ – that is, tipsy ones. With so many scattered throughout the city, It’s almost impossible to choose just one, so here’s a look at a few lined up together.

Krzywy Domek, Sopot, Poland


Here’s a house that will have you adjusting your eyes faster than you can say ‘you’re drunk’. Krzywy Domek is Polish for ‘crooked little house’ and was designed by Szotnscy and Zaleski, who were inspired by fairy tale drawings and illustrations. Built as part of a shopping centre, the mind-bending construction is dubbed one of the strangest buildings in the world.

Marek Rozanski and Irek Glowacki Upside Down House, Austria

People walk out of a house, which was built upside down by Polish architects Glowacki and Rozanski, in the western Austrian village of Terfens

This Polish attraction built by Polish architects Marek Rozanski and Irek Glowacki will have you turning on your head and feeling dizzy all at once. Open for public viewing, the house comes complete with an upside down interior – unconventional living that’s enough to give you vertigo.



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