There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you’re counting down till your next holiday. Especially when that holiday includes an island, 3 of your best girlfriends, sunshine and a whole lot of cocktails. This island I speak of, is of course, Hamilton Island.

Hamilton island is part of the Whitsunday Islands, off the Queensland coast of Australia. You can get short, relatively cheap flights from most of the Australian capital cities, directly into the island’s airport. Do not make the same mistake that I did and choose carry on luggage only. When the flight attendant told me that my luggage was overweight and that I’d need to check it in, there really wasn’t much time to think about the 2 bottles of red wine that I had stored. It wasn’t until we were mid-air that the thought of my wine snuggled in amongst my white clothes crossed my mind (I’m sure it was experiencing the same turbulent flight that I was). Needless to say, after the 2 hour flight from Sydney to Hamilton Island, I was overjoyed to find those bottles still in one piece in my luggage.

The best thing you can possibly do on Hamilton Island is relax. Besides some sunbaking, hiking, kayaking or stand up paddle boarding, the island can sometimes seem like there isn’t much else to do, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Unless you want to be like me, and turn the first day of relaxing by the pool into a real life iPhone photo shoot, featuring yourself and one of your besties. Let me just say, it takes a lot more than a couple of quick snaps to get the money shot.

Sunburnt and slightly delirious after our desperate modelling attempt we decide to explore the island. Thankfully we chose our accommodation wisely, which came complete with our very own buggy. I definitely recommend choosing your accommodation on this basis, or at the very least, hire your own when you get there. But a word of advice… Even though the buggy can only do 20kms per hour, that can still be dangerous. Especially if you’re driving after a glass of wine and you put pedal to the metal without checking that your girlfriend is strapped in. She still has a scar to this day.

Injuries aside, if you’re after sunshine, water sports and hiking, then Hamilton Island is the place for you. The entertainment, nightlife and shopping leaves a lot to be desired, but the lack of activities actually forces you to take a holiday… And isn’t that why you came in the first place?

Best sunset view: One Tree Hill. You can reach One Tree Hill via buggy or foot and it is easily the best sunset view I have ever seen in my life. To complete the experience, order a cocktail from the bar on site and watch the sun go down.

Best restaurant: Coca Chu. I cannot fault this place – With impeccable views, service and food, it is a must dine experience on Hamilton Island.

Best coffee: Manta Ray. Known mainly for their outstanding pizza, Manta Ray also do a great coffee. So for those like myself who can’t take a holiday from their caffeine addiction, check them out.

Best activity: White Haven Beach. You can take a full day or half day cruise out to the beach which offers unbeatable, Instagram-worthy views of the whitest sand and bluest water you’ll ever see. Be sure to check the weather forecast before you go!

Best accommodation: The Edge Apartments. Ranging from one bedroom, through to to the penthouse, The Edge offers arguably the best views and all the amenities you need (visits from local cockatoos and all)!

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