There’s a saying that goes ‘travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’, but if you’re anything like me then you’d prefer to spend your money on shopping (whilst travelling). There’s no argument that spending money on travel is actually an investment, but that doesn’t mean you need to come home broke. Here’s some New York tips that will leave you lots of spare cash for shopping on Madison Ave.


Although my first New York subway experience turned me into a nervous wreck as I unknowingly headed on the Express to the Bronx, it’s now my favourite way to travel around Manhattan. Yes, Uber is cheap and so are the taxis, but I can guarantee the Subway offers a completely different experience. It can be a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it you will start to enjoy being a true New Yorker and mastering the Sub. At just $31 for an unlimited weekly ticket around Manhattan, it’s full of surprising entertainment (think break dancers and opera singers as you walk through the platforms) and who could forget one of New York’s most famous tourist attractions – Grand Central Terminal!

2.Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

There’s no better feeling than setting your sights on the Manhattan skyline as you walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Be sure to start on the Brooklyn end and finish in Manhattan, ensuring the perfect view along the way. There is something about the Brooklyn Bridge that arouses a sense of anticipation and makes you want to run to reach the city of dreams.

3.Hudson River at Sunset 

Ok, I’ll admit it, almost anywhere at Sunset is usually pretty spectacular, but there is something about the Hudson River. Perhaps it’s the still of the water and the feeling of ease that it brings, but the Hudson River at sunset is truly mesmerizing. You can spend your afternoon in the beautiful West Village and then make the experience even better by having a picnic and watching in awe as the sun goes down.

4.Top of the Rock 

Top of the Rock is arguably one of the best tourist attractions in Manhattan, offering views of Central Park, the Empire State Building and pretty much all over the city. Tickets are just $32 per person and if manage to go at sunset, you definitely won’t regret it.

5.Staten Island Ferry

If you’re dreaming of setting sights on the Statue of Liberty but are trying to find ways to budget, then the Staten Island Ferry is the way to go. With departures running every half an hour in both directions, the ferry actually takes you past the Statue of Liberty and best of all… It’s FREE!

6.Times Square

‪F Scott Fitzgerald once said that ‘New York has all the iridescence of the beginning of the world’ and I like to think that he was referring specifically to Times Square. It’s alive with hustle and bustle, full of dreams, overwhelming with crowds and general hysteria, but it is definitely something to experience. Full of camera’s, neon signs and action heroes, it can be total mayhem but if you aren’t thrown out of your comfort zone when you’re travelling, maybe you’re not doing it right?

‪ 7.911 Memorial

‪Overwhelming is a word that also springs to mind when I think of the 911 Memorial, but unlike Times Square, this tourist attraction is humbling and heartbreaking. I can guarantee that those same tourists that were taking selfies in Times Square are now shedding a tear here, along with you. Whilst we were all in shock that fateful day and felt sadness in the wake of tragedy, the memorial is completely confronting. Through the emotion you realize just how much this affected not only America, but the entire world.


‪If you’re anything like me then you won’t worry about that diet or whether you’ll fit into your jeans whilst you’re on holidays, you’ll just eat! There are so many amazing food outlets in New York that need to be experienced. I normally don’t eat cheese or meat but I bend the rules for the infamous pizza at Lombardi’s Pizza and a salmon and cheese bagel at Russ & Daughters. Also try the cauliflower au gratin at Beauty and Essex and get lost in Eataly! Trust me, the extra weight will be worth it (and if you follow point 2 and catch the subway everywhere, you’ll do enough walking to burn it off anyway).

9.Happy Hour

Who doesn’t love happy hour, in any city? New York especially is full of untapped-happy-hour-resources and if you’re smart enough, you can save yourself a lot of money. One of my favourites which offers happy hour on food and drinks between 5pm – 7pm (yes that’s longer than an hour) is Flinders Lane. Check this out for more happy hour favourites.

10.Scene Hunt 

‪ ‪If it’s the Soup Kitchen from Seinfeld or Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City you’re after, don’t pay to go on a celebrity tour. You can find all these places easily via the Subway and on foot… But a tip – The Soup Kitchen doesn’t open until 11am daily and the sign barricading off Carrie Bradshaw’s steps, isn’t just a threat! I will admit however, that the abuse I received for ignoring the barricade was totally worth it. #gettingcarriedaway

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